>OmniPlan 1.0

19 Dec

>Just purchased OmniPlan 1.0, a project management application for Mac OS X. Works like a charm. It’s a really intuitive application, allowing me to use the keyboard for most if not all tasks I need to perform.

However, of course I can produce a little wishlist of things I’d like to see improved:

  • When I navigate with the keyboard to a task that has no description or range explicitly set, I’d like to be able to remove such an empty task with Backspace, just a single key press.
    However, since the text in the item (e.g. “Task 1”) is not selected, I have to: (a) select all text, (b) Backspace to delete this text and (c) Backspace again to delete the task.
  • In the Resource View, it is not possible to select a range of tasks by clicking on the first one and then Shift-clicking on the last one. This is tedious when I want to process a lot of tasks in the same go.
  • I’d like to be able to mark items somehow, for example with a color coding. This allows me to easily see which items I’ve double-checked or for which items I still need to enter the depencies, make sure the dependencies are of the right type, or enter the efforts (durations).
  • It would be nice if a task could be promoted to a group.
  • An option to automatically delete empty tasks.
  • Spell checking is missing, it seems. It should be fairly easy to integrate with the Mac OS X system spell checking service.
  • Support for the Dutch locale would be nice.
  • Integration with the Leopard task system would be nice, when Leopard comes out.

But as I said, overall it’s a great program!


One response to “>OmniPlan 1.0

  1. kwongkwong

    21 December 2006 at 09:53

    >Hi Ernst,It’s Aaron from the Omni Group again. There’s a couple things I didn’t think of in my original response that I thought you might like to know.There is another way to address the request for backspacing to delete an empty task. You could press the ESC key to highlight the task, then DEL to delete the task. This would require less keystrokes then the example in your original post. :-)About the ability to mark items with a color code, you could create a custom style by going to the “Project : Styles” inspector and clicking on the “+” button to create a new custom style. Once you have a style you like, you can press the corresponding hot key like F1 to mark any task with that color.Lastly, spell checking does work if you right-click while you’re editing a task name. A contextual menu will pop-up, and if you go to “Spelling” –> “Check Spelling” that should work. The “Check Spelling as You Type” function has been added to version 1.1 of OmniPlan.Hope this helps!


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