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>NeoOffice 2.1

>I’ve covered NeoOffice 2.0 before. Recently I switched to 2.1 on one of my machines. Due to some issues with 2.1, I decided to stick with 2.0 for a while.

Overall, NeoOffice 2.1 looks and feels more professional than 2.0. However, the integration with the Mac OS X operating system still leaves a lot of room for improvement, IMHO.

Here is a list of candidates for improvement (some of which were previously reported on 2.0 as well):

  • overall the look-‘n-feel is not very Mac OS X-like, although this has improved since 2.0, e.g. default buttons are not completely blue and the toolbars look different from standard applications;
  • after confirming the Print dialog (Cmd-P) another dialog is shown, asking for advanced settings; these advanced settings should be integrated in the standard print dialog;
  • there is a Printer Settings dialog, but it doesn’t do anything;
  • when a file is modified, the red close icon in the window title bar does not change to include a dot;
  • when using Exposé, the dialog windows are considered windows in their own right;
  • the list of recent documents is not in the NeoOffice program menu, but in the File menu; so it’s impossible to open a recently opened file without having any other file open;
  • it doesn’t use standard dialogs, such as the Font dialog;
  • it does not use the standard dictionary and hyphenation support offered by Mac OS X;
  • Cmd-RightArrow goes to the next word instead of the end of the line; Alt-RightArrow does not go to the next word – same for combinations with LeftArrow;
  • Save As is not under Shift-Cmd-S, as in other applications;
  • the File menu does not indicate that Close has the keyboard shortcut Cmd-W;
  • there is no Alt-Shift-Cmd-V keyboard shortcut to paste and adjust the style, like in other applications;
  • sometimes, when selecting text with the keyboard and scrolling, the display looks distorted (I’ve seen this on all earlier versions, on all platforms);
  • when changing the style on some existing text, the style setting Keep with next paragraph does not immediately take effect; work-around is to modify the style and press OK immediately;
  • sometimes pressing Shift-Enter inserts 2 newline-characters instead of one, this seems new since NeoOffice 2.1.