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>Finally: Java 6 for Mac OS X

>Apple has finally delivered Java 6 for Mac OS X as part of an update called Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Release 1. There was a Java 6 pre-release for Tiger, ages ago, but finally the real thing seems to have arrived. Let’s hope it fixes most of the bugs in the pre-release.

It’s well-known that this release comes really late. Java 6 was released (for Windows and Linux) in December 2006 and Java 5 has already entered it’s Technology End of Life (EOL) transition period.

Too bad the update is only for Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) and requires a 64-bit Intel processor (such as the Core 2 Duo).

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>Compiling zlib, libpng and pngquant on Mac OS X (updated)


Here are some instructions for compiling pngquant on Mac OS X. Included are instructions for compiling libpng (which is a dependency for pngquant) and zlib (which is a dependency for libpng).

Step 1. First, download pngquant from SourceForge:

as well as libpng and zlib:

Step 2. Unpack them all in the same directory and then generate symbolic links called libpng and zlib that point to the actual directories. E.g.:

total 16
lrwxr-xr-x 1 ernst ernst 13 Apr 29 19:27 libpng -> libpng-1.2.27
drwxr-xr-x 103 ernst ernst 3502 Apr 29 19:28 libpng-1.2.27
drwxr-xr-x 10 ernst ernst 340 Apr 29 19:18 pngquant-1.0
lrwxr-xr-x 1 ernst ernst 10 Apr 29 19:27 zlib -> zlib-1.2.3
drwxr-xr-x 64 ernst ernst 2176 Apr 29 19:22 zlib-1.2.3

Step 3. Now go to the zlib directory and execute ./configure followed by make.

Step 4. Go to the libpng directory and execute make -f scripts/makefile.darwin.

Step 5. Go to the directory that contains the pngquant source code and execute make -f Makefile.unx.

That’s it. You should now have a pngquant executable.

Updated (April 30, 2008): On request, here’s a link to the resulting executable: pngquant (for Mac OS X). MD5 checksum is 20820366a7fffc6305ada6b727656b7b.

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>Microsoft wants to break up HTML 5

>In an interview with SDTimes, Chris Wilson, MSIE platform architect Chris Wilson proposed that HTML 5 be split into several substandards.

Sounds like a reasonable and interesting proposal, but even better is to see that Microsoft appears to join the HTML 5 bandwagon. Although reviews on MSIE 8 beta 1 have not been very positive, the overall impression is that web standards support from Redmond is improving.

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>Decorations 1.0 released

>Anthony Goubard (of Ant Commander fame) has released Decoration 1.0. It’s an interesting Java-based application for graphical designers that makes it easy to apply all sorts of effects (100+) to graphics and text, including gradients, drop shadows, glow, etc.

What makes it attractive for professional use is that it supports a batch mode, for processing hundreds (or more?) of images sequentially.

For more information check out the screenshots section or the gallery.

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>Firefox was released. Nothing much, ‘just’ a single security issue was fixed, a crash in the JavaScript garbage collector.

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>Camino 1.6 released

>Camino 1.6 has been released. Camino is a Mozilla Gecko-based browser for Mac OS X.
Among other things, it now supports multi-touch gestures (if you have the right hardware).
This version requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher and comes in different language-flavours, including Dutch.

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>Fluid, site-specific browsers integrated in Mac OS X

>If you have certain sites you use like an application, you may want your OS to treat these as applications as well, with a specific application that has it’s own application title and icon, can be switched to using Cmd-Tab, etc.

This is called site specific browsers. The freeware application Fluid makes them integrate with Mac OS X seamlessly. For a walk-through, have a look at the intro:

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>Invalid XHTML / CSS

>Today, for the first time, I came across a site that explicitly (proudly?) announces it does not validate the XHTML/CSS standards:

Very nice looking site, though. A real piece of art.

Is this going to be a new trend?


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> getting updated for latest browsers

>It seems that after a long time of relative quiteness, PPK is updating his site again, to describe the features and quirks of the current browser incarnations IE 5.5–8b1, Opera 9.5b, Safari 3.1, Konqueror 3.5 and Firefox 2/3b5. Keep up the good work, Peter Paul!

Have a look at his blog:

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>HTML and DOM Standards Compliance in IE8 Beta 1

>The Internet Explorer blog added a new and interesting article on the standards compliance improvements in MSIE 8 beta 1:

It not only elaborates on the changes in beta 1, but also notes what is planned for beta 2 and -more importantly- what is and what is not planned to be fixed in the IE 8 final release.

Note that there’s a reference to our very own (Dutch) PPK, of and fame.

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