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>Test your FreeBSD kernel

>If you have modified your kernel configuration, or if you have written a new one, you will want to test it before making it the default kernel for booting. Especially if you don’t have physical access to the console.

This is how you accomplish this:

cd /usr/src
sudo make buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL
sudo make installkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL KODIR=/boot/testkernel
sudo nextboot -k testkernel

For more information, check out:

If it works, make the testkernel the default, and make the previous kernel the backup:

cd /boot
sudo rm -rf kernel.old
sudo mv kernel kernel.old
sudo mv testkernel kernel

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>Hint: FreeBSD directory layout

>Tip for FreeBSD users: If you want to know your way around on a FreeBSD system, study the hier(7) man page. It explains what the standard directories are on a FreeBSD system, and how they are typically used.