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>WebKit (Safari) gets a new JavaScript engine: SquirrelFish

On “Surfin’ Safari“, the WebKit blog (WebKit being the engine for Apple‘s Safari browser) an new JavaScript engine has been announced. It’s called SquirrelFish.

While the current JavaScript engine (in Safari 3.1) is an interpreter, the new one is based on bytecode execution, increasing the possibilities for performance improvements. Already the WebKit developers are claiming a 50% improvement over the production release of Safari, version 3.1.

Although the fish logo is funny, I find it hard to associate it with speed in any way…


>OOXML approved

>According to Intellectual Property Watch, OOXML has been approved. No official announcement from ISO yet, though.

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Posted by on 2 April 2008 in ecma, iec, iso, odf, ooxml