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>Firefox was released. Nothing much, ‘just’ a single security issue was fixed, a crash in the JavaScript garbage collector.

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>Firefox released

>Firefox was released. No features added, just some security vulnerabilities fixed.

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>Minor QuickTime annoyances

>If you read previous of my posts, you must have concluded I seem to enjoy listing (minor) issues I find in applications. Somehow I indeed do. I’d like to report these issues to their creators, but then this typically costs a lot of time and effort. Just listing stuff on your blog is easier and then you can still use that information later to submit some issues later on.
Here’s some feedback on QuickTime issues:

  • When I right-click in a QuickTime area on a web page, then I get a number of options in a context menu. However, if I want to choose none of the options, there’s no way to get rid of the context menu. It seems I have to click one option. Even worse, even if I move to a different tab, the context menu does not go away and still shows up on the other tabs.
  • When a QuickTime movie is not completely loaded (yet) but still starts playing and then gets to the end of the already loaded content, it restarts at the beginning of the clip. That’s plain annoying.
  • When the loading of a movie does not seem to progress, for example after the internet connection has been disrupted, there’s no abvious way to see whether it is still loading and no obvious way to make it continue the loading without restarting.
  • With a paused QuickTime movie on a web page, scrolling makes the movie appear and disappear, showing the background behind the movie instead of the movie itself.
  • A movie cannot be saved until it is fully loaded.
  • The plugin context menu has two similar items: Save as source and Save as QuickTime-movie. Both save as a file with the .mov extension. The difference is not obvious at first glance.

This is QuickTime (Pro) 7.1.3 with the QuickTime Plug-in 7.1.3 on Firefox 2.0.

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>Firefox on Mac OS X

>I’ve been running Mozilla Firefox 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.4.8 for a couple of weeks now. Overall it works quite well, but there’s a couple of issues:

  • It requires a forced stop on a regular basis (like once a day).
  • When searching (Cmd-F), the back key combo (Cmd-LeftArrow) does not work anymore.
  • When editing a text field in Blogger Beta, switching to a different tab keeps the blinking cursor visible.

Still I prefer using Firefox over Safari. One of the reasons is that in Safari, the Blogger Beta post edit screen does not properly show the icons (bold, italic, etc.) properly.