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>XINS 3.0 (updated x3)

>Note (added Jan 8, 2008): This article is outdated, please read “XINS: Splitting out Logdoc?

XINS is a powerful technology for writing web applications and web services. While the current 2.1 version already sports a lot of functionality and flexibility, here’s my wishlist for a 3.0 version:

  1. Support for Java 5 generics. If this will make the framework Java 5+ only, so be it.
  2. Support for XML-type parameters, both in and out.
  3. A XINS service caller engine; a separation between the XINSServiceCaller and the actual protocol used, possibly with a (static, non-final) inner class Engine.
  4. Provide an alternative front-end calling convention that sports clear URLs, path-based instead of parameter-based.
  5. Combine multiple function invocations in one call, avoiding the network overhead of multiple calls.
  6. Multi-implementations: Allow a single API implementation to implement multiple API interfaces.
  7. Allow API inheritance, so that one API can inherit the functions defined in another.
  8. After some thorough analysis, apply some secure defaults. E.g. only allow metafunctions to be called from localhost.
  9. An SMTP caller that supports load-balancing and fail-over (see RFE 1859843).
  10. A similar SMS caller (see RFE 1864472) that allows the sending of SMSes via different gateways.

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Updated December 20, 2007: Added #5, #6 and #7.
Updated December 24, 2007: Added #8.
Updated January 5, 2008: Added #9 and #10.