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>Left Orange

>On Thursday (November 30th) I left the company I worked for, Orange Nederland Breedband, former Wanadoo NL. I worked there for about five and a half years. It feels really weird.

My time at this company has been great. I learned a lot and enjoyed working with the people there. The people at the technical departments are smart but above all very friendly. The atmosphere is great. Overall I’ve really experienced my time there as a blessing from God.

At the goodbye party they organized, I received several very nice presents, including an Apple iPod Nano. Its a really nifty little MP3 player. But it already crashed on me once. The screen just froze.

Some things I’m wondering about, regarding the iPod:

  • The device has a built-in speaker. Is it possible to use it to play audio?
  • Is it possible to play video (podcasts) on the display?
  • Can it fast forward a bit faster? If I want to start listening at 24 minutes in the podcast, it takes me ages to get there with the fast forward button.

One of the consequences of my leave is that I lose my commit rights on XINS. But I’m sure I’ll remain involved.

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Posted by on 2 December 2006 in apple, ipod, ipod nano, ipodnano, nano, orange, wanadoo, xins