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iTerm Suggested Improvements

>iTerm is the best terminal emulator on the Mac, IMHO. It’s more customizable than the Leopard Terminal application and supports transparency, tabs, select-to-copy, middle-button-paste, a full-screen mode (with Cmd-Enter), etc.

Here are some suggestions for bringing iTerm closer to perfection, in order of (subjective) importance:

  • bug: scrolling a view while more output is added (for example when monitoring an active log file) does not work reliably, the view constantly jumps to the end of the output;
  • feature: have an option to briefly show tab titles while switching tabs; this is especially useful in full-screen mode, since the tabs are then not visible;
  • feature: have a keyboard shortcut for moving tabs to the left or to the right;
  • bug: when changing monitors (e.g. disconnect an external monitor), while iTerm is in full-screen mode, iTerm does seem to notice the resolution change, causing iTerm to show as an odd borderless window;
  • bug: if iTerm is active and you switch from the current Space to another and back, then iTerm is no longer on the foreground, but the Finder is;
  • bug: when switching to full-screen mode and a tab other than the first is active, then the contents of the first tab are briefly (~1 second) shown before the contents of the active tab are shown again.
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Posted by on 11 February 2009 in iterm, mac, macos, macosx, terminal


>iTerm experience

>After using iTerm build for a few days, here is a summary of my experience:

  • Overall, it works really well, it’s a professional application, comparable to Konsole on KDE.
  • When you move a tab, then the shortcut remains the same. It would be nice if this behaviour would be configurable.
  • When hovering the mouse pointer over a tab, the mouse cursor is for text editing. This is probably a minor bug.
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Posted by on 28 November 2006 in apple, iterm, mac, macos, macosx, terminal


>iTerm rocks!

>A colleague pointed me at iTerm at It rocks. Improvements over the standard Mac Terminal application include:

  • Ctrl-D closes the window.
  • Tabs.
  • Stored sessions.
  • Selection is automatically copied to the clipboard (configuration setting).
  • Middle button paste (configuration setting).

Very nice indeed!

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Posted by on 24 November 2006 in apple, iterm, mac, macos, macosx, terminal