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Firefox Usage Up To 20%

>NetApps has provided some statistics regarding browser usage. According to their report:

Firefox usage is still climbing and now almost at 20%, while Internet Explorer usage is still decreasing and now down to just above 71%.

Of course, your mileage may vary, depending on the kind of site, your geographical location, etc.

But it is becoming more and more obvious that web developers programming Internet sites to Internet Explorer only are irresponsible and are causing issues for their employers and for the visitors of the sites.

An approach that works very well:

  • program to web standards, avoid JavaScript and Flash initially;
  • add JavaScript support to make things look better or work nicer (without disrupting the functionality for user agents without JavaScript);
  • add some Flash if you must, but have replacement content in case Flash is unavailable;


  • standards compliance;
  • accessibility for visually impaired is likely to be easy to achieve;
  • the same applies to Search Engine Optimization.