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>Switching to Tomcat 6.0

>For my current project, we extensively use XINS, a light framework for building web services. It comes with all sorts of handy features, including an internal servlet container. However, this internal server is far from being production-quality, so I’ve come across all sorts of smallish issues. Even the XINS developer, Anthony Goubard, is considering replacing this servlet container in XINS with something like Jetty.

So I’ve decided to switch to Apache Tomcat, probably the most-used open source servlet container. Apparently the 6.0 branch is considered stable, so I downloaded and installed the 6.0.10 release.

Some issues I encountered with this switch were:

  • it’s not obvious how to run Tomcat in the foreground, so I may press Ctrl-C to shut it down;
  • my XSLT parsing suddenly went bananas, with XSLTC complaining about not being able to compile my stylesheet, without indicating the source location – this probably has to do with Saxon (the one I used before) no longer being found or so;
  • when I explicitly specified that Saxon should be used for XSLT processing, a TransformerFactory failed to be instantiated with a NullPointerException;
  • the Tomcat 6 configuration docs are incomplete and slightly confusing.
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Posted by on 20 March 2007 in java, jetty, saxon, tomcat, xins, xsltc