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>OmniGroup support replied to OmniPlan feedback

>When posting the OmniPlan 1.0 feedback, I also sent this feedback to the OmniGroup support team, in 2 e-mails.

To both e-mails, they replied within a day!

  • Some of my items had immediately been translated to feature requests.
  • Spell checking is already planned for the next release, OmniPlan 1.1.
  • Printing can be configured by selecting “OmniPlan” in the drop-down box.
  • On other items I was asked for elaboration.

All my feedback was taken seriously, instantly. I have just one word for the support I received from OmniGroup so far: fabulous.

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Posted by on 21 December 2006 in apple, mac, macos, macosx, omnigroup, omniplan, support