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OptiPNG Ant Task

>OptiPNG is a tool for optimizing PNG images. And now, there’s an Ant task for executing it from an Ant build file:

Mini-HOWTO for Linux/UNIX/Mac OS X systems, assuming you already have Apache Ant installed:

  1. download OptiPNG source code from SourceForge (TAR GZ file)
  2. execute: ./configure
  3. execute: make
  4. execute: sudo make install
    (enter your password if required); the command optipng is now installed in /usr/local/bin/
  5. download the optipng-ant-task source code from – take the latest version available (you can choose between a ZIP and a TAR GZ file)
  6. unpack the download file, this will create a new directory with an odd name like: znerd-optipng-ant-task-604de975b4cc4a1a2766e385c91b749318af038e (you may want to rename it to optipng-ant-task or so)
  7. in that directory, execute: ant
    this will compile the classes, run the available unit test and build the JAR file

Then you can use the Ant task from your own build file, for example as follows:

<taskdef name="optipng" classname="com.pensioenpage.jynx.optipng.OptiPNGTask" classpath="lib/optipng-ant-task.jar" />
<optipng dir="src/htdocs" todir="build/htdocs" />

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Ant Task for Invoking LessCSS (Updated)

>Update (August 26, 2009): I’ve polished the Ant task for LessCSS files quite a bit and implemented support for both lessc and plessc (the LessPHP alternative).


  • converts .less files to .css
  • supports both lessc and plessc (at least one is required)
  • supports time-outs
  • only processes changed files
  • supports separate source/target directories, with include/exclude patterns

It’s available under de BSD-license for download from github:


  • for lessc (tested lessc v1.1.13) to work to fail properly when lesscs fails, a minor change to one of the lessc files is required, this may be resolved in an upcoming version of the task and/or an upcoming version of lessc
  • plessc v0.1.6 works well with the task, but has a rather annoying bug related to negative background positions.

Below is the original blog post.

Here’s some sample code for implementating an Apache Ant task for invoking lesscss:


public final class LesscssTask extends MatchingTask {
public LesscssTask() {

private File _sourceDir;
private File _destDir;

public void setDir(File dir) {
_sourceDir = dir;

public void setToDir(File dir) {
_destDir = dir;

protected void execute() throws BuildException {
for (String inFileName : getDirectoryScanner(_sourceDir).getIncludedFiles()) {
File inFile = new File(_sourceDir, inFileName);
String outFileName = inFile.getName().replaceFirst("\\.less$", ".css");
String outFilePath = new File(_destDir, outFileName).getPath();
String inFilePath = inFile.getPath();

log("lesscss: From \"" + inFilePath + "\" to \"" + outFilePath + "\".");

Execute.runCommand(this, new String[] { "lessc", inFilePath, outFilePath });

After defining the lesscss task in your build file (using a taskdef) invoking it is as simple as:

<lesscss dir="src/htdocs" todir="build/htdocs" />
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