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>Don’t put your monitor on your Mac Mini

For those of you that:

  • have a Mac Mini
  • use a wireless internet connection
  • experience slow network speed
  • have your monitor on top of your Mac Mini

Try putting the Mac Mini aside, not below your monitor. For me, it greatly improved my network speed.

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Posted by on 19 July 2007 in mac, mac mini, mini, wireless


>Mighty Mouse scrolling woes

The Apple Mighty Mouse looks quite good, IMHO, but after only a few months the scroll wheel starts behaving oddly. I have both a wired and a wireless (Bluetooth) version and both have stopped scrolling downwards.

This appears to be a widely known problem with these mice. However, the main hurdle is that they cannot be cleaned internally like older mice could be, in the past.

Just a warning for those who consider buying it: make sure there’s no dirt coming anywhere near your scroll button; poking your nose is a recipe for quick disaster 🙂